Tori Mayo Recipe. (Chicken Breast with Mayonnaise Sauce) 鶏マヨ(鶏むね肉)レシピ(作り方)

■This time is a recipe for Tori Mayo Recipe. (Chicken Breast with Mayonnaise Sauce) 鶏マヨ(鶏むね肉)レシピ(作り方)
▼ [Ingredients / 1-2 servings] ・Chicken Breast : 300g

[Tori mayo sauce] ・Mayonnaise : 36g
・Ketchup : 15g
・Sugar : 4g
・Milk : 10g
・Lemon juice : 3g
・Grated ginger : 3g

[Condiments / Topping] ・Parsley

0:00 Intro
0:29 Cut the ingredients
1:24 Make Tori mayo sauce
3:05 Let’s make it
4:33 About me
4:44 Month’s photo “Bamboo forest”

▼ Behind the shooting.(*^_^*)
When I showed you the Ebi mayo (shrimp mayo) recipe before, it was well received, so I made an adapted recipe.
I used chicken breast instead of shrimp.
I was able to make it healthy and very delicious.

If you put hot chicken in Tori mayo sauce, the mayonnaise may separate, so if you let it cool down a little before adding it to the sauce, it won’t separate and will have a smooth texture that will be delicious.(*´▽`*)/

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*Depending on the manufacturer, the seasoning may taste slightly thicker or thinner, so please adjust it to your liking.



[材料 / 1-2人前] ・鶏むね肉 : 300g

[鶏マヨソース] ・マヨネーズ : 36g
・ケチャップ : 15g
・砂糖 : 4g
・牛乳 : 10g
・レモン果汁 : 3g
・おろし生姜 : 3g






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